Xbox Boss Played First Project Scarlett Games This Week

That is now being referred to as”Xbox Scarlett.” Spencer made this statement during his appearance to the recent Destiny 2 stream where he led his commentary and Destiny skills to over two hours of gameplay. The entire flow was geared towards talks about Destiny 2, but the Project Scarlett teaser was a brief moment that captured people’s attention.

Connected by Bungie’s communications manager David Dague, Spencer and Bungie CEO Pete Parsons shaped two components of a fireteam and matched up with other players who could take on Strike bosses with them in hopes of earning loot. Those who had been listening to the flow detected Spencer briefly speaking about a few non-Destiny 2 news to say he had spent some time with all the brand new Xbox this week.

Around 31 minutes and 40 minutes to the video seen here, Parsons asked Spencer the way the whole”Xbox thing” was going. Spencer explained things were going great and commented about the launch of Gears 5, a game that saw its typical edition launch on precisely the exact same day the stream was held. The Xbox boss followed that acknowledgement up with his news regarding the Xbox.

“You understand what I did this week?” The Xbox boss asked. “I played my first games on Job Scarlett.”

He continued to mention the group was Doing”really excellent work on that,” but he of course did not go on to record what games were actually played on the newest console. Immediately then, it was back to Destiny 2 talks and looking back on past occasions.

What those games that Spencer played might be is anyone’s guess, but Among the possibilities that’s been suggested more than once after his Comments gained attention is Halo Infinite. It could very well be that a super popular game like Fortnite or even Minecraft has been Played the console instead, but with the games console still more than A year away, it’s not possible to predict what matches might’ve been played.
There has been all sorts of speculation about what the next Xbox will Statements too. GameSpot spoke to Spencer not long ago about the plans for another console and discovered how it’ll concentrate on”frame speed and playability of the matches .”

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