World of Warcraft Classic realms are so overcrowded players are having to wait in line to finish quests

World of Warcraft Classic is officially live and servers happen to be tested by the amazingly large number of people joining in to play the vanilla edition of this MMO. In fact, it’s so overcrowded, players have been stuck in hour-long queues to get onto the servers, but waiting in line is not only just happening to log into. WoW Players that have managed to get in have been submitting pictures on Twitter and Reddit revealing the long queues currently being shaped in-game to complete quests.


One example comes from Reddit user greenufo333 who published this picture with the caption”when dozens will need to kill 1 boss.” Essentially players are queuing to get in, only to queue , as reiterated by a comment on the image made by Reddit user Jaysphan128 who said,”waiting at a four hour queue to stand in a line”

A video posted on Reddit at launch by consumer PredatorFish really gives you a good idea of how active the basic servers are, using an impressive swarm of gamers joining. Regardless of the overstuffed realms, the neighborhood are discovering the humor in it all, and tons of people appear to really be enjoying the camaraderie of having to wait in line with their fellow players.

There have also been plenty of pictures surfacing of the long queues and prolonged waiting times to enter the jam-packed lands. Before Classic went players were already cautioned the sign-up numbers signalled long wait times at launching, and Blizzard opened three additional realms in the US to attempt to keep up with the demand.

Is WoW classic making you feel nostalgic? As World of Warcraft turns 15, we take a look back at the MMO’s journey to WoW Classic with technical director Patrick Dawson.

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