Who are Alan Alda's children? Get to know the 3 daughters of the MASH Star

To the fans Alan Alda is known for his beloved role as Hawkeye Pierce in the war television series M * A * S * H. For his family, the six-time winner of the Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award is an enthusiastic father and husband.

The 83-year-old actor – the proud father of daughters Eve Alda. Elizabeth Alda and Beatrice Aldawith his longtime wife Arlene Alda – has been one of the most popular stars in Hollywood since getting his role at M * A * S * H ​​in 1972.

Although the iconic drama earned him most of his fame and fortune, Alan values ​​his family life more than anything else in the world – and is somehow able to reconcile everything with Superstar. In addition to having three children, he was married in Hollywood for 63 years after marrying 86-year-old Arlene in March 1957.


“My wife says the secret of a long marriage is a short memory,” said Alan Closer Weekly exclusively at the Marriage Story premiere at the New York Film Festival, adding that it “apparently works.”

“I don’t think we spoil each other, we just love each other,” he added. “I wouldn’t do much without her, because every time I leave the house to work, she says:” You will be great. “And I say the same to her. She is a writer and photographer who is busy all the time and I am very proud of her.”

Alan – who has Parkinson’s – also had the sweetest reason when he told Closer Weekly at the New York premiere of Marriage Story which film he’d enjoyed the most over the years. As it turned out, this honor went to the film The Four Seasons in 1981. “Because I wrote and directed it, there were two of my daughters in it [and] my wife took a picture of it.” Talk about a family matter!

While it may be more difficult to reconcile fatherhood, a healthy relationship, and a Hollywood career over the decades, it turned out that the daughters of Alan and Arlene were clearly three incredible women.

Scroll through the gallery below to learn all about Alan’s three daughters – Eva, Elizabeth and Beatrice!