What is country music? Scotty McCreery reflects

At the CMA Awards 2019, all the big moments happen and rub iconic stars elbows make The Boot think about what country music actually is. For some, it can all come down to one song or one particularly legendary artist. For others, the definition of “country” is much looser: it can be a feeling, a season of the year, or even a certain memory.

For Scotty McCreery, the definition of ‘country music’ all boils down to the kind of music that he liked to grow up with. He learned to love the format because of traditional artists, and now he says that he – together with a number of his contemporaries – wants to encapsulate that sound in the new music he releases. Read on while McCreery explains what country music means to him.

I think I grew up with the good old country music, so I might go back a bit [in my own songs on the next album]: a little more violin, a little more steel guitar. We will see how it rolls, but that is where my head is now.


[At the moment many artists are turning back to a traditional sound], and I love that. It is awesome. There are so many: there you have Luke Combs who brings it back, Jon Pardi. There are so many great traditional acts emerging, so I love that. Those guys are definitely the next level, but hopefully we can be part of it one day. Yes, they definitely lead.

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