certainty“, A 35-minute documentary born by British-Nigerian DJ, Juba, reveals the barriers faced by female DJs, social expectations and gender issues within the Lagos music scene.

Her curiosity led her to Nigeria, where she met three female Lagos DJs, Sensei Lo, DJ Yin and DJ Ayizan.


According to OkayAfrica she said:

Assurance arose from my desire to find new perspectives in the debate on gender imbalance in the music industry. Since I started DJing in 2016, I could only see the subject through the European lens and the discourse is generally dominated by voices from the north of the world.

Going to Lagos and immersing myself in a conversation with the three DJs exposed me to another set of stories in a totally new, often ignored context. Stories such as theirs are necessary to enrich and broaden the conversation around women in music and prove the importance of broader representation in discussing issues that are relevant to people around the world.

View the video below.

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