The towns in Central Hawke's Bay are preparing to run out of water


Pipe damage means that two cities in Central Hawke’s Bay have almost no water left.


Two places in Central Hawke’s Bay are almost empty.

Residents of Waipawa and Otane are urged to save water and prepare for the taps that run dry at 2.30 pm on Friday.

A private contractor hit the main waterline on Friday morning that feeds the reservoir for Waipawa and the main line to Otane.

Contractors are busy repairing the damage.

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Mayor Alex Walker said that residents of Waipawa and Otane should do everything to limit their water use.

“We have a total ban on using outdoor water, but there is plenty that we can all do to limit our use of indoor water – do not use a washing machine or dishwasher, delay taking a shower and taking a bath, and remember the old saying: “if it’s yellow, let it get soft” – don’t flush your toilet if you can get away with it, “she said.


Mayor Alex Walker has asked residents of Waipawa and Otane to save as much water as possible.

“We are preparing to run out of water this afternoon, so do everything you can to keep it.

“Solving this problem is our top priority, but we cannot do it without the support of our community.”

Walker said the municipality was making arrangements for alternative water supplies, but residents should expect a disruption in their supply.

“We are working hard to bring water tankers and bottled water to our communities and will let everyone know when they are in place.


Waipawa and Otane are not expected to have water on Friday afternoon.

“We also have people with loud hailers, door knockers and traffic signs – we do everything we can to spread the news.

“Contact 06 857 8060 if you have very high needs and need water delivered to your home due to mobility problems.”

Walker said the council did not know when water would be restored.


Residents in two cities in Central Hawke’s Bay are encouraged to save water.

“But we continue to keep our communities informed of the latest news.”

In addition, a leak has been detected in the Takapau reservoir, which lowers the water level.