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Texas power-country group The Panhandlers announced the release of their self-titled debut and first single “No Handle”. The Panhandlers will be released independently from each other through the artist-driven label The Next Waltz on March 6. The video clip for “No Handle” can be viewed below.

The Panhandlers are a fresh group of down-to-earth, no-nonsense, country guys from West Texas who want to make music that resonates with small, ordinary people. Initially the project would be just a few guys who wanted to have fun playing cover jams, it grew to be a powerhouse of the Texas country with Cleto Cordero, William Clark Green and John Baumann with Josh Abbott.

Cordero said he was immediately interested. Becoming a literal member of the group after one conversation.


“I got a call from Josh Abbott last spring when I was in Washington DC and said he wanted to form a group with a raw, rootsy sound, somewhat in the spirit of the Flatlanders,” she said. “He has already recruited William Clark Green and John Baumann and asked if I wanted to be part of it. I told him without hesitation, absolutely! Every opportunity to make more music seems like a good time. “

Abbott explains that the line-up just seemed good and that it was completely organic. Initially, his idea was to put together a group for a tribute to the country group The Flatlanders. But the group soon knew that their future contained more than one set of covers.

“After I asked William, Cleto and John to participate, it was just a perfect mix and fit. That led us to come up with a band name and a desire to make an original album, “said Abbott. “After a few days of songwriting in Marfa, Texas, we had almost the entire album! This project has something special; something fair. “

The feeling was reflected, if not shouted from the hills, by Baumann.

“When Josh called to do a collaborative project, I was completely in it. It seemed like a great opportunity – as a group to write and record songs under the direction of Bruce – it was a no brainer,” he said.

“I wrote” No Handle “very quickly – just about a man who isn’t happy where he is geographically and doesn’t know why he is there. It’s actually just a song about a man complaining with a lot of ironic sentiment.”

It was a song that was immediately received enthusiastically, as William Clark Green said concisely: “It’s my favorite song on the album.”

High on a high plateau in the Chihuahuan desert, the four began their songwriting journey together for the first time. The band took a very natural approach while recording by playing together in the same room. And after recruiting producer Bruce Robinson, from the label The Next Waltz, The Panhandlers followed their songs with the help of two-inch analogue tape and accurately recorded their rural, warm country sound. During studio sessions, the band followed every song in just two takes.

The Panhandlers will play their debut show on January 8 at The Music Fest in Steamboat, Colorado.

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