The Morning After: Android is turning 11

Starting this morning, Netflix can add the words”Emmy winner” to the name of its groundbreaking interactive Dark Mirror episode. Separately, TiVo has upset several clients with plans to add more advertisements into their viewing experience. Additionally, catch some cake — it’s Android’s 11th birthday.

Netflix’s interactive Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch scored one trophy Sunday night at the Emmys, whilst Fleabag picked up Ozark walked off with 2. Lower in the order you could find some intriguing names such as Apple, Oculus and Twitch with a single trophy each.

September 23rd is the 11th anniversary of Android’s official release alongside the announcement of this HTC Dream, the very first cellphone running Android. In our most recent entry of The Week in Tech History, Nathan Ingraham appears back at the way”Android has become perhaps the most notable computing platform on the planet.”

Samsung has released a brand new care manual video showing the Galaxy Fold’s features with instructions on exactly what and what not to do when handling it. The redesigned Fold felt sturdier than previously when we tried it at IFA, however, it seems like the tech giant still wants buyers to take extra good care of the gadget. How will you keep things such as coins and dust far? away, from the nearly $2,000 smartphone? We do not know either but good luck trying.

Disney started taking sign-ups throughout the Emmys while additional streamers took home decorations, but with more than 25 first series and ten movies promised in the first year, it’ll be interesting to see who is on the point next year. At this time you can just reserve access for $6.99 a month or $69.99 each year. A heavily-discounted three-year subscription supply is long gone, and also the $12.99 package that throw in ad-supported Hulu and ESPN+ will be accessible once Disney+ formally launches on November 12th.

The company said in a statement that skippable ads set to perform ahead of 90 days. Longtime clients are (predictably and justifiably) miserable.

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