Supernatural Spoilers


When Supernatural enters the second half of its last season this Thursday (The CW, 8 / 7c), the stakes will be higher than ever … and the number of bodies.

But first, Dean and Cas try to solve their problems in purgatory, while Chuck, executive producer Andrew Dabb, changes Sam psychologically in the following questions and answers. The EP also teases Jack’s return and two surprising guest stars.


TVLINE | You come in after an autumn finale with several cliff hangers in Chuck luring Sam and Eileen, and Dean and Cas finding out that purgatory could be the key to stopping Chuck. What can viewers expect this week after these twists and turns?
Of course, episode 8 had a lot of cliffhangers, a lot of unanswered questions. Episode 9 doesn’t answer all of these questions, but many of them do. And it also acts as the linchpin for the rest of our season, where everything that happens in the future happens due to what happened in Episode 9, which is a little vague but true.

TVLINE | Dean and Cas are in purgatory, it looks like, in the episode’s official photos. How does Dean feel like returning there as someone who has a lot of history with this place?
I think Dean goes in there and thinks, “Hey, I’m just here to do a job, get this flower and get out.” As soon as he sees the purgatory, he’ll be told who’s there (and who’s not) Purgatory these days, he has to deal a little more with the past.

TVLINE | Are familiar faces waiting for them there?
Not in a certain sense. We wanted to focus on Cas, Dean and their feelings of being here instead of choosing a fan favorite. It’s always great, we love doing that, but in this case we felt like we wanted to focus on our main characters and what they’re going through.

TVLINE | Does that force Dean and Cas to clarify their last problems when they’re in purgatory together?
It forces them to start this process. Dean has fixed his problems for 15 years. He always has more. But it definitely forces him to reassess.

TVLINE | What is Chuck planning to lure Sam and Eileen into this trap?
As confused as Sam is about the connection he has to Chuck, Chuck is confused. This shouldn’t happen. (The gunshot wound is) de-energizes it, as we discussed earlier in the season. He’s trying to figure out what’s going on … But he’s also a fan. Having a little time with Sam isn’t a bad thing for him, even if it’s just about turning the knife a little more.

TVLINE | Are there any other side effects from Sam and Chuck’s gunshot wound, or is Sam perfectly fine after Sergei withdraws his soul?
I don’t think Sam is perfectly fine. And even if the wound is healed mentally, Sam will change a lot. I also think Chuck is dealing with Sam in this (week-long) episode to show him some of what I call the uncomfortable truth, and these things will linger for Sam later on.

TVLINE | We are now in the middle of the season. Are we closer to seeing Jack again?
We are very close to seeing Jack again.

TVLINE | And considering how much time has passed since we last saw him and we have no idea what he’s up to during this time, can we expect Jack to do something else?
When Jack reappears, (death) will have changed him. Death or “death” always changes our characters and he will come back, not necessarily as a different person, but with a very clear mission.

TVLINE | You’ve been very good at bringing back fan favorites from the past this season. Is there more to come?
More will follow, including two surprising guest stars in Episode 9.

TVLINE | Another big issue this season was loss. We have already lost Rowena, Ketch, Lilith. What is the number of fatalities in the last half of the season?
It is huge.

TVLINE | Do we lose people who are close and expensive to the audience and characters?