RIP Backgammon — Microsoft to shutter its Internet Games service by next year

Pour one out for a different gaming legend we’re losing. Microsoft Revealed last week it is no longer encouraging its own suite of Internet Games which were a staple of Windows for 19 decades.

Games Services for Windows XP and ME will finish later this month, even while the same support for Windows 7 will end next January. A announcement The company thanks that the”good community” that existed for these matches, but says:

I am sure this is most likely to effect those running Windows 7, which Is still a rather common OS. Windows 10 simply edged it out in market talk earlier this season. As of Web Software’ most up-to-date report, Windows 7 retains about 38 percent of this market share, and Windows 10 about 41 percent. Windows XP, meanwhile, now holds just over 3%. I couldn’t find any data on how many people still use Windows ME, but I will guess it’s fewer than that.

It’s kind of sad to see such a staple of the gaming world — a Somewhat understated, casual staple, but a basic nonetheless — get closed down. For many, this was the original casual gaming experience, the non-threatening addictive game pre-Candy Crush. But it’s clear — everything come to a conclusion, and a 19-year jog is not anything to sneeze at.

The team shuts the Discussing with,”While We are saddened to depart this chapter supporting, we continue to be dedicated to delivering engaging, delightful gaming experiences.” This makes me wonder whether a variation on these casual games will make a comeback after — maybe Microsoft will incorporate an upgraded Internet Games package with whatever the next version of Windows is.

If nothing else, we will always have our old friend, Arkadium’s Solitaire. Out of every game I have played, I will put money on that person being around eternally .

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