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A woman grabbed the 83-year-old’s hand and almost dropped it.

An image of Pope Francis who broke out of the clutches of an admirer late Tuesday had social media gongs with comments about the Pope’s fast riposte.


Francis had greeted children before the nativity scene on St. Peter’s Square and turned away when the woman called, grabbed his hand, and almost dropped him.

The 83-year-old head of the Catholic Church grimaced before he managed to break free by beating the woman twice.

Tonight, after a visit to the nativity scene on St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis loses his temper after being seized by a pilgrim who would not let go of his hand. The pope repeatedly hit her hand and told her to let him go. pic.twitter.com/6Qrgh8aZKz

– Catholic Sat (@CatholicSat) December 31, 2019

He then continued his tour, walking with some difficulty while keeping a slightly greater distance from visitors, and gradually relaxing again when he came into contact with other children on New Year’s Eve.

Responses to Twitter mainly supported the pope’s instinctive response.

“HE IS HUMAN. Bone (sic) a pope does not make you immune to pain or avoids reaction to pain,” read a typical comment.

In his first mass of the new year, the Pope nevertheless condemned on Wednesday “all violence against women” as “a blasphemy born of a woman”, a position that was underlined by various Twitter enthusiasts.

Another concluded that as the dawn of 2020 dawned, “the pope was trending.”