PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds dynamic weather

Update 4.2 is live for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC. This patch presents a number of player-requested attributes , but the big addition is that the dynamic weather system.
“Erangel’s overcast weather can now generate a variety of other weather conditions on the island, by thunderstorms, to fog, to heavy winds, as well as hail.”

Erangel is PUBG’s original map

Erangel is PUBG’s original map. And the weather system Allows the environment to modify over time. So while you might begin with sun and some clouds, then you may end up having to manage rain.

This weather system is only one more thing that players can use to Their advantage. As you generally want to listen for your opponents footsteps and gunfire, rain may muffle that. And in a hail storm, then you likely won’t hear anything else except for all hell breaking loose.

I reside in 6,000 ft above sea level, and we get multiple hail storms Every spring. And besides increasing the costs of our auto-insurance premiums, those tiny hail balls can also do a lot of physical harm. They dent automobiles and just generally cause a cacophonus ruckus.

PUBG has always featured rain as an alternative

PUBG has always featured rain as an alternative, but it was dormant. In case it But with dynamic weather, you can potentially wait for rain to show up before you make your big move. And the sound of hail or rain could mask your movement past enemies. It should make the terrifying cat-and-mouse gameplay of PUBG more extreme — although it will not affect things like car handling or operating in the subway.

PUBG Corp. formerly tested out dynamic weather on Erangel, but it Removed the system from the game prior to its 1.0 launch. The studio Rather focused on getting the game running better on more systems. But Now the programmer has revamped the island multiple occasions, and it’s time To bring back the system.

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