Persona 5 Royal Opening Movie Revealed

The full extent of the changes coming to Persona 5 Royal Is currently unclear, but something that we may currently be sure on is that the opening film for the new iteration is absolutely as trendy and cinematic as the base game. The new opening film premiered online this week, and while it’s incredible different from the original, it surely nails the same vibe.

As you can see in the opening movie, which is embedded above, the Same colorful imagery present in the original opening film is retained, but the actual actions are completely different. Interestingly, the opening film only briefly focuses on the new working character, noted gymnast Kasumi Yoshizawa, also basically separates her from the rest of the cast for the entirety of her physical appearance. This does not necessary mean anything for the storyline of the game, but it’s noteworthy no matter.

Other known modifications set for Persona 5 Royal include new characters, gameplay features, and more interaction with the Phantom Thieves. Furthermore, developer ATLUS warns that there will be a never-before-seen third term that takes place at the match’s school, meaning even more content for people to play around with. Given that the game is releasing in Japan in October, antsy buffs will not need to wait long to work out everything that’s new.

What do you consider the new variant of the game’s opening movie? Are you excited to select up Persona 5 Royal When it comes out in North America next year? Or have you plugged more than enough hours into the original? Tell us in the comments, or hit me up right on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about all things gaming!
Is scheduled to launch in Japan on October 31st. Though there’s no Definitive release date, it has been announced that the new sport will Come west in Spring 2020. You may check out all our previous policy of Persona 5 Royal right here.

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