Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen share Kiss at Star Trek premiere

What friendship! Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen I wasn’t afraid of being very close friends – and they showed it again when they kissed each other sweetly on the red carpet.

The famous launches were part of the London premiere of CBS All Access’ new Star Trek restart: Pichard. It’s a pretty big deal because 79-year-old Patrick will be returning to his iconic role as Captain Picard for the first time in almost two decades. And of course that was a reason to celebrate, because 80-year-old Ian did everything to make his friend feel great at that moment.

The Lord of the Rings star looked very classy at the event when he wore a gray plaid coat over a completely black outfit. He combined everything with a blue scarf and a bowler hat. On the other hand, Patrick also wore a similar coat over a black dress shirt. Very chic!


Anthony Harvey / Shutterstock

While pals will always be in the corner, Patrick recently announced that the Oscar nominee has warned him not to repeat his Star Trek role a second time. “It was very publicly known at our premiere, Ian McKellan. I told him I was offered the role and he warned me not to take the job because it would harm my career in the London theater,” said Logan-Costar in the British talk show This Morning.

“He [Ian] and I were very naive about Hollywood series. I didn’t know I signed up for six years,” Patrick continued. “Everyone said you couldn’t revive and we’re lucky to get through season one. … I was told to come to Hollywood to have some fun and get a tan.” Patrick wasn’t quick enough to take on the role again and needed persuasion.

“I actually passed and rejected it, but that was two years ago, but I met again,” he revealed. “We have the smartest group of writers who have seen how they linked Picard’s plot to another universe.”

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