Nole fans expect a large participation in the spring game

FSU football will host its first spring game of the Mike Norvell era on Saturday, April 18, at 5 p.m. Nole fans seem excited and are planning to come out.

According to social media, FSU football fans are ready to spend the entire off-season. If you are not familiar with this phrase, it means that you are concerned about your program and the possibilities for the coming season.

FSU head coach Mike Norvell conquered this fan base in the short month and changed his job.

He seems to be taking the right steps, just like his predecessor in the off-season before the Virginia Tech game.


Of course, the spring 2018 game was huge, and 50,000 Nole fans were ready to rock after the previous trainer dropped the program.

The FSU is in a similar situation, except that the previous coach was fired a few months ago, but it seems that the FSU soccer fans are ready to try again.

I asked on Twitter yesterday who came to the spring game and how many fans expected them. The results are below:

The first spring game of @ Coach_Norvell’s FSU career is scheduled for April 18. There will also be a @ DoakAfterDark concert, so save the date!

Ticket information will follow shortly.

– FSU Football (@FSUFootball) December 17, 2019

Who plans to go to the #FSU Spring Game? Like or RT and how many people will show up this year?

– (@ChopChat_) January 15, 2020


It’s pretty cool to see that 83 percent of fans think that at least 30,000 fans will be there. Another 59 percent believe that 40,000+ will be present, which would be quite impressive.

The game starts at 5 p.m. ET is smart because fans are not in the sun all day. There are also fans within driving distance and hanging out for the day. Ticket prices start at $ 10 and can be purchased here.

Many people seemed to reject Norvell’s stance, but his introductory press conference and subsequent actions won over most fans.

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Now all you have to do is wait until the season to see if he can get this program back where it should be.