Nintendo Reveals Ring Fit Adventure, the Game Behind That Mysterious Ring Device

Nintendo has officially declared Ring Match Adventure, a brand new Nintendo Switch video game which makes use of the device first demonstrated last week. That device also currently has a name: the Ring-Con. And it turns out, everybody that anticipated some sort of fitness-style game was half right; the other half of the match is a role-playing game which uses exercise to advance throughout the world.

The game itself is essentially all about doing a Variety of exercises to On the way, enemies will appear, and they will — you guessed it — require different exercise motions to defeat. There appears to be many different unique ways to accomplish these things, which is nice to see provided that not everybody’s going to need to push their heart for every single encounter.

There’s also a minigame-based mode which seems to be in line with Wii Sports or even Mario Party compared to Wii Fit. This includes stuff like making pottery, blowing away boxes using gusts of wind, and more. There appears to be a lot going on with the sport, including tracking of various vital stats.

Ring Match Adventure Combines gambling and physical activity in a manner that incentivizes people to return for more, to further both the narrative and their own physical fitness goals.”

Here is how Nintendo describes the new adventure:

“In the Ring Fit Adventure Game, players explore an expansive world, battling enemies along the Way using real-life exercises to perform in-game attacks. The new Respond to the player’s real-world movements, letting the game to turn Them into in-game activities, like running in place to move your character Ring-Con and turning that strength exercise into powerful attacks. By Playing the game daily, players can frequently work out different parts of their bodies.

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