Nick Cannon's latest diss track calls Eminem's

Credit: David Crotty / Getty

Nick Cannon still feels somehow after Twitter toasted him with the hashtag #RIPNickCannon after a series of diss tracks he released towards Eminem. Now the mogul / rapper is calling on Marshall Mathers fans to ride with their favorite hip-hop artist.

Cannon released Eminem’s fans from his new mixtape entitled “The Miseducation of the Negro You Love to Hate” on the 3:30 track entitled “Used to Look Up To You”. Cannon let his frustration knock:


“N *** tweet like out here like they’re a savage. / When I looked up at you. / Dick ridin ‘lil Marshall Mathers. / Had to put on my turban like I was Aladdin. / N ** like out here. “Black lives count.”

Let us know how you really feel, Nick.

This is the fourth diss track after Cannon’s three other lyrical hits against Slim Shady, who received nothing in the form of a diss album from “My Name Is” crafter, but Mathers trolled it on Twitter. It all started after Eminem sizzled the beef when he mentioned his alleged escape with Nick’s ex-wife Mariah Carey on Fat Joe’s album “Lord Above” from his latest album Family Ties.

We just want Eminem to respond so that he can honestly put an end to all of this. You can listen to the song if you still care about it below. [/ embed]

Photo: David Crotty / Getty