‘Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’ beta opens this week

A big update for Monster Hunter World is on its way, with all the Iceborne Expansion incorporating new creatures, weapons and missions to the match. While the expansion will not be officially released until early September, Capcom is making a portion of it accessible for free for a few days as part of a beta.

There are not many details regarding the plot of this growth, but the Trailer teased a dragon-like monster named Rathalos discovering a brand new island and hinted that the creature Nargacuga will be part of the story.

The beta comprises three monsters from previous sessions as well, as reported by GameSpot, Including Great Jagras (beginner), Banbaro (intermediate) and Tigrex (specialist ). Completing quests from the beta will earn you commendation packs of consumables which could be used when the full expansion is released.

The Beta will run from August 30th to September 1st on PlayStation 4, also from September 2nd to September 5th on Xbox One. It’s a totally free and open beta so anyone with the mandatory console and a copy of the base game can test the expansion in this time.

The full release of this growth is set for September 6th to get PlayStation and Xbox, with a PC release to follow in January next year.

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