Meghan Markle has hurt Piers Morgan's feelings and he lets her pay for it

OPINION: Poor Piers Morgan, I think. Behind his brash and arrogant personality is clearly a fragile ego.

A former tabloid editor and a long-term TV presenter, Morgan, now a Daily Mail columnist and host of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, is known for his confrontational style and tendency to controversy.


He is also known as one of the most vocal and consistent opponents of the Duchess of Sussex, whose emergence shows that he really is a delicate flower.

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Piers Morgan says he and Meghan Markle were friends, but she “haunted” him when she met Prince Harry.

Morgan claims that he and the woman then known as Meghan Markle became “friends” – or whatever it is when you start talking on social media with someone you’ve never met in person – in 2015 when he followed Markle on Twitter because He is a fan of her work in the American TV program Suits.

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“Within minutes,” he wrote in an article in Daily Mail from December 2018, “she sent me a private Direct Message.”

Morgan shared a screenshot of what he is saying is the message, “Hello there – thanks for following. Big fan of yours!”

He then said that they regularly started DM each other.

“We talked about everything from US gun violence (she shares my horror) to a charity trip she made for the United Nations to Rwanda, spinning lessons, calligraphy and our joint hatred of 4 o’clock in the morning filming – hers for Costumes and the mine for Good Morning Britain in the UK, “he wrote in the Mail column.

He said that Markle sent him previews of Suits episodes to view and “extensively” they discussed, and that she introduced him via Twitter to her co-star Rick Hoffman, with whom Morgan also became friendly.

Morgan then said in June 2016 that Markle had contacted him to say that she would come to London and “would like to say hello.”

So they made a time to meet at Morgan’s local, who, in case you doubted his privilege, is “just a few hundred meters from … Kensington Palace.”

In a completely unnecessary piece of name loss, Morgan remembered in the email that Markle texted him on the day of Wimbledon saying “Serena Williams sends her love” before they arrived at the pub, where he, he wrote, “a very enjoyable “time.”

“She spoke very candidly about her family,” Morgan said, and shared “some personal, sensitive things … I would never repeat because they were said in confidence,” which is really huge of him.

Then he claims that he put her in a taxi to go to a dinner where she met Prince Harry.

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Morgan claims that he had a drink with Meghan when she met Prince Harry.

“I never heard from her again. Not a word. I had a spirit. “

In the column, Morgan wrote that he found Markle’s behavior “very strange,” but it is clear that he thought it was more than that. He found it insulting and wounding and – perhaps the worst for a man in his position – embarrassing and he wanted her to pay for it.

Now Morgan’s column is the definition of a one-sided story. The Duchess of Sussex has chosen not to handle his claims publicly, so we don’t know if she agrees with his account.

Maybe she never considered him a good friend like him. Maybe she did, but after meeting him in person, she decided she wasn’t that busy.

Perhaps he was looking for information about her family and she felt uncomfortable as a celebrity about continuing a friendship with a gossip journalist.

Or maybe it went exactly as Morgan described. Maybe Meghan is a social climber who threw away a TV presenter and columnist after meeting a prince.

But even if that is the case, Meghan has done nothing to publicly denounce her ex-boyfriend. Nothing.

Even if we accept Morgan’s story as completely correct, the worst thing she did was abruptly stop communicating with someone, which is certainly a bit rude.


Headlines about Morgan’s stories about Markle in the Daily Mail demonstrate his vitality.

Morgan, on the other hand, has since used its various very public platforms (the Daily Mail is the second most read publication in the UK, Good Morning Britain is the second most viewed morning show and Morgan has more than 7 million followers on Twitter) to launch a long-lasting campaign against her.

In recent years, Morgan has written numerous columns and countless tweets about the Sussexes, and in particular the Duchess. The word “hypocritical” appears again and again, as does “ruthless”; he accused her of being heartless, money hungry and cruel.

Anger, vitriol, dangerous speculation, ad hominem accusations, all intentionally made to denigrate its reputation in the eyes of the public.

And all because she injured his poor little ego.