Martin Lewis warns those planning to travel this month about summer vacation

Since January looks more like a year than a month, the temptation could be to book a trip to banish the January blues.

However, according to Martin Lewis, this could be a costly mistake.


During a lecture on Good Morning Britain, MoneySavingExpert warned viewers who wanted to book their summer vacation this month.

However, it is not about the trip itself, but that it is protected.

Martin said: “You need cover from the start, but far too many people book a vacation and then leave cover until later.

“Unfortunately, too often I hear stories like” I was just diagnosed with cancer, I should be on vacation in six weeks, but now I need chemotherapy. The airline will not refund my ticket. What can I do? “

You may want to book your next family vacation
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“But far too often there is nothing you can do.”

He went on to say, “The job of travel insurance is to insure you when you can’t go, but when you get it before you go, or when you miss out on all the coverage that protects you in case of vacation should come to an event, such as long-term cancer treatment or someone who dies in the family. “

According to Martin, the simplest solution is to either take out annual insurance or, once you’ve booked your big vacation, take out insurance for this trip.

Martin was at GMB for advice
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He added: “You are only insured for termination if you are insured against illness / injury, loss of job, jury service, etc. So buy ASAB whether you leave sooner or later this year (as soon as you do it). ” have booked). “

If you’re not sure which is the best, Martin advised that those who leave at least twice a year are probably better off taking out an annual policy.

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