Audrey Roloff is not afraid to share the realities of postpartum life after the birth of her second child with husband Jeremy Roloff. On Wednesday, the Little People, Big World Alum watched Instagram with a brand new photo of themselves and their son Bode James.

“Just stay tuned over here,” began Roloff, who greeted Bode on Wednesday, January 8th. “While the past week was full of newborns and heartbreaking moments, it was also very difficult.”

When Roloff acknowledged that she had “really great pregnancies and labor / delivery experiences with both Bode and her older daughter Ember,” he admitted that “as soon as the fourth trimester hits my body, she gets hit hard with everything.” “.


“Fortunately, this time I was able to draw on previous experience and fight mastitis 5 days after birth, just like last time,” she continued. “Still … my milk comes in quickly and angrily, my two babies tore my nipples to pieces on the first day, and my milk is so short that the constipation is at least five times my normal bra size … God be Thanks, Mr. 9 pounder Bode Junge is a much more efficient eater than Ember girl (he was back to his birth weight at 5 days!) “

Roloff went on to say that she decided to share all of this “because I don’t think enough people are reporting on her postpartum journey.”

“We are so excited to share birth stories and document all of our pregnancies, but then post-birth hits and nothing … I wish someone had prepared me better the first time or dealt with all the post-delivery pain more honestly” , she wrote. “So here I show myself with my stomach exposed 1 week after birth and tell you that my body hurts. But despite the physical pain, I know that these weeks of forced slowing down are exactly what my body and my heart are need. REST. “

“I release the pressure to focus on work again, on my social life, on housework, on my clothes before pregnancy, or on any kind of obligation that contradicts recovery and recovery,” she continued , “Something that is very difficult for us Enneagrams 8 to do. I have to remember every day that rest is one of the most productive things I can do right now. So I’ll be here with a baby on my chest in milk. ” stained pajamas hugging JOMO (the joy of missing something). “

Roloff and her husband welcomed son Bode on January 8 at 7:36 p.m. The little one ticked at 21 inches according to the birth announcement and announced this on Instagram.


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