License plate location – Disco Elysium

License plate location - Disco Elysium


Find out if you can find your badge at Disco Elysium.


Knowing the location of your badge is always important, this applies in real life and in Disco Elysium. Although it may not interfere much with your research in the beginning, you can use your badge to open all kinds of doors, physically or otherwise. For this reason it is a good idea to find your badge.

Where can you find your badge

For those who want answers without spoilers: you will probably discover your badge as you progress through the story. If you want more information about where your badge is located, read on!

badge location disco elysium

At the beginning of Disco Elysium you don’t really remember much anymore. You don’t even remember the location of your badge. This badge is practically the only proof that you have ever been a great detective, plus it is a symbol of authority.

Depending on your playing style and the side quest you are working on, you may be asked to find your badge at different points. For a playthrough, a character named Joyce would refuse to cooperate unless you did something for her or produced your badge.

If you don’t want to please her, your only option is to find your badge in the Fishermen Shacks area. This is a small fishing village west of the Martinaise waterfront. Grab a map in Disco Elysium to help orient yourself.

badge location map disco elysium
The badge is located in the Fishermen Shacks area, near the water.

The only way to get to the Fishermen Shacks is to wait until Wednesday. On Wednesday you can close the waterway and make a bridge to the other side. Cross over to the new area and follow the coastline.

You will find a vehicle a short way along the waterfront. Wait until the ice melts and then find the vehicle to find your badge. A lot of information will come to light on this point. But the most important thing is that you will have proof of your authority.

Now that the location of your badge has been resolved, you can set out again to solve the mystery of the hanged person. Take a moment to inspect the Shacknews Disco Elysium page for more useful manuals.

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