Kate Middleton body language: The crushing blow to the ducal duchess

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is the mother of three children: Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, four and Prince Louis, one. The Cambridge clan warms the hearts of royals fans around the world, but how has Kate’s hope for royal baby Cambridge number four destroyed?

Prince William and Kate are the proud parents of three children.

According to body language and wellness expert Emily Wysock-Wright, the Duchess of Cambridge is the most maternal of the royal mothers.


She explained her decision and said that the Duchess and Prince William “gracefully” brought three children into the Royal Society and resisted the tradition, trying to ensure that they lead as normal a life as possible. “

She defined Kate as mothers in the sense that she was a loving mother and added, “If there is one word, I would say” loving. “It is the natural instincts within mothers that are formed from the moment of conception.

“It is a very strong bond that can only be explained through the chemistry between a mother and her child. It is the need and should almost take care of your child. “

But while she may be the most maternal, baby number four doesn’t seem to be.

The Duchess of Cambridge insisted that Prince William ruled out more children.

The mother of the three said to the Khidmat Center in Bradford on Wednesday and said her family is complete.

When she spoke to a royal fan who said he had sent her congratulations after each of her children was born, she said it was unlikely that she would receive another one.

She said, “I don’t think William wants more.”

Kate previously admitted that she felt “broody” when she met a cute five-month-old baby during her and William’s tour in Northern Ireland.

Kate couldn’t resist going to little James Barr and telling his father, Alan Barr, “He’s beautiful. I feel fragile.”

Then she greeted baby James and said, “You are a very sweet little boy.”

Alan bravely asked Kate: “Baby number four?”

Kate answered with a laugh: “I think William would be a little worried.”

Despite the brotherhood of his wife, Prince William no longer wants children.

The news is a surprise to royal fans, but may explain the remark made by the Duke of Cambridge after baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor was born.

When he heard the news, he was now an uncle, congratulated his brother and said he was excited to meet the new baby.

He said, “I am very happy and happy to welcome my own brother into the sleep deprivation society that is parenthood.”

But recent news has now disrupted gambling opportunities.

According to Coral Bookmakers, the chance that Prince William and Kate announce a pregnancy in 2020 is 2/1.

For comparison: the chance that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce a pregnancy is 1/2.