Many Twitter users have long been crying out for a tweet editing button to fix those annoying little mistakes in their tweets. But after years of Twitter higher-ups musing about the position in public, CEO Jack Dorsey has somewhat erased our hope with the words “we will probably never do it”.

During a Q&A video with Wired, Dorsey was asked if there would be an edit button for Twitter in 2020, to which he replied: “The answer is no.”


Jack Dorsey then explained that Twitter started out as an SMS-like SMS service and that the company wanted to maintain that atmosphere. He added that editing tweets is not such a good idea.

“You could send a tweet and then someone could retweet it, and then an hour later you change the content of that tweet completely … The person who retweeted the original tweet now retweet and send something very different.”

Watch the video below:

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