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It’s official, Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC this summer.

It has been two weeks since rumors began flying around Horizon: Zero Dawn comes into PC, and today out of nowhere, it has been verified.

Oh, Nate is going to be happy.

Not like computers and cars, but large creature machines which you could search for components and need to take a right down to endure.

Herman Hulst, head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, disclosed now the comprehensive model of Horizon (that is the one with the DLC pieces ), is the one we will be getting shortly. There is a hint that Horizon is not the only sport Sony has lined up to get a PC launch also, but we should not get our hopes up just yet.

“In my head, Horizon Zero Dawn was only a fantastic match in this specific case.”

Nate got excited if rumors were circling the match may be bypassing platforms — so excited. He composed a massive attribute with five reasons he had been dire for Horizon: Zero Dawn to come into PC. He claims it has five motives, but here’s a snippet at the conclusion where he tries to add 60 more:

We all know for now is that it is coming, and it is coming this summer. We ought to listen to more information from the programmers, Guerrilla Games, shortly. For the time being, that a Steam webpage is upward.

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