Interview with XM Studios: a look at the 2020 product line

Interview with XM Studios: a look at the 2020 product line


Darkseid versus the Justice League, Harley Quinn, Bloodstorm and even Eddie from Iron Maiden, the XM Studios booth had it all.


There is nothing like setting up an impressive image of your favorite character. Whether it is music, comics, TV shows, films, video games or any other form of entertainment, showing your passion is always exciting. The XM Studios team has been working hard to create incredibly detailed figures that would look fantastic on a collector’s bookshelf or in an illuminated display cabinet.

We had the pleasure of talking to Alex from XM Studios about their 2020 product line. We also had to take a look at the stand, where many of the products were on display. Then watch the video below!

XM Studios 2020 product overview

One of the first pieces we noticed was a breathtaking sculpture on a scale 1: 6 by Darkseid versus the Justice League. Darkseid meets an impressive figure in the midst of the smaller Justice League heroes. Alex mentions that Darkseid will soon become an important character in the DC films and compares him with the “Thanos of the DC world”.

There was also a Batman figure on display, which is the only traditional carved piece that they hold. This Batman is the Bloodstorm version, with Batman sitting on top of a tombstone. It comes with two heads, one from a gloomy Batman, the other with bared teeth. XM Studios also had a beautiful statue of Harley Quinn. The Harley in question was from the Batman Samurai series, with the samurai helmet, a massive hammer, all sitting on the side of a pink scooter.

Also to be seen at the XM Studios booth was the fame of Eddie from Iron Maiden. This monstrous figure is based on an Eddie Asian tour poster on a mythical beast. Although he couldn’t go into much detail at the time, Alex said the studio is expanding the line.

Although XM Studios does not have a Marvel license in the US, potential shoppers can view their wares on their official website.

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