Ings for England - Hasenhuttl supports in-form striker

Ralph Hasenhuttl has supported Danny Ings for a call in England, while boss Gareth Southgate wants to fill the void left behind by the hamstring injury of Harry Kane.

In-form hitman Ings has destroyed 10 goals in 11 Premier League games, so Saints boss Hasenhuttl tipped the 27-year-old for a first international call in more than four years.

Ings tore knee straps just a few days after his only England cap in October 2015, and has only managed to regain total sharpness and shape. Danny Ings, left, is tipped for a call-up in England (Mike Egerton / PA)


Tottenham and England talisman Kane will at least miss England’s games against Italy and Denmark in March, and Hasenhuttl admitted that it might now be Ing’s time.

When asked about Ings’ chances with England, Hasenhuttl said: “The good thing is that I don’t have to decide! But I think if a player from my team deserves it, it is him.

“Because he has done fantastic work in recent weeks and throughout the season, he scores incredibly good goals and important goals for us.”

“It is perhaps the best thing we have ever seen. So if you want to choose, this may not be the worst moment.”

Ings has five goals in his last five games, as Southampton has run away from what seemed like a terrible relegation photo to become 12th now. Ralph Hasenhuttl, pictured, believes that Danny Ings deserves an international call (Mike Egerton / PA)

Hasenhuttl greeted the exploits of Ings as all the more impressive in view of his humble environment in Southampton.

“I think it is even more spectacular if you score for a team that is not a so-called big club; that really proves that you can do it,” Hasenhuttl said.

“But I think that England has so many good strikers, you have many options to choose from.

“But I think that Ingsy is currently in a really, really fantastic form.

“He likes to play, that’s all he can do, and if he gets a call for England, he will not only be happy, but me too.

“Because that is a sign of what we do here, how we develop our players here. And that is also a good sign for the club.

  • Jamie Vardy, Leicester: 17 goals
  • Marcus Rashford, Manchester United: 14 goals
  • Danny Ings, Southampton: 14 goals
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Arsenal: 14 goals

“I don’t expect him to keep scoring every week, so this is not normal for a striker.

“There is also no reason why he should not continue to score.

“The most important thing as a striker is that you do not give yourself too much pressure, that you feel comfortable when you are in the box.

“He now has a lot of confidence and he shoots from every position and this is no coincidence that he scores more.

“But he has so much faith in his shape at the moment that he knows he will be back.

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“Even if you play the match against Leicester, where he was unlucky in the first half, he never stops trying or working and scores again.

“This is important for him as a striker, there are definitely worse situations than he is now. It is better to score every week and not have to think about it.

“It does not mean that he plays every game because we now have a difficult schedule, so we will look at it. Our strikers have to sprint and run a lot against the ball.

“It’s the most demanding position, so we have to pay a lot of attention to that.”