How the children of Little Big Town songs inspired

Little Big Town’s children appear in their new nightfall in an unconventional way. No, they are not physically on the album (even if the Little Big Kids think they are ready to perform), but they provide information about some of the important emotions of the songs “Problem Child” and “Bluebird”.

Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook have a son, Phillip Sweet and his wife have a daughter, and Kimberly Schlapman and her husband have two daughters. Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t avoid the influence of parenthood on their songwriting. The group wrote “Problem Child” with Sean McConnell and Tofer Brown, focusing on what it’s like to grow up in America in 2020, with social media putting more pressure than they knew as children.

“Our young people are so swamped with negativity on social media and you feel like an outsider when you are a child,” says Westbrook Taste of Country Nights, while his bandmates nod in agreement about being hopeful and knowing that everyone sometimes feels different so feel. “


“Bluebird” is a similar message of hope, Sweet emphasizes. Fairchild wrote the peaceful penultimate song with Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk and she takes over the lead vocals:

“Nothing takes my love away / Keep it in your heart for a rainy day / Close your eyes and it will find its way to you / And when the highway gets dark / Call my name, let it catch a spark / I’ll be it for you there / call me darling, I’ll run. ”

“It can refer to anyone, whether you’re a child or not,” Sweet says. “You are special, your trip is important and there is always someone to take care of you.”

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Mothers and fathers support you, but they will also say it the way it is. A humorous side note came up when the Little Big Town gang was asked about their children’s music collective, the so-called Little Big Kids.

“Our children don’t practice,” says the eternally sunny Schlapman. “You will have a 30-second conversation and then” practice “.”

“I think they see us at the sound check, they don’t see the hours we enter or the years,” adds Fairchild.

“We make it too easy,” Westbrook cracked.

So don’t look for the mini version of Little Big Town that will appear on stage at the next stops on the Nightfall Tour, even if you’re on the bus with the band. The tour begins on January 16 in New York City, a night before the release of Nightfall, the band’s ninth studio album, and for the first time since The Breaker in 2017.

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