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Google parent company, Alphabet, investigating claims of sexual misconduct

In response to shareholder lawsuits, Google’s parent company Alphabet is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct toward executives and how the company handled them.

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CNBC first On Wednesday, the company reported that it hired an outside firm to investigate how its executives dealt with allegations of sexual misconduct.

The investigation follows shareholder complaints after reports of sexual harassment at Google have garnered national attention over the past year. A lawsuit alleged that the board had played an active role in approving a million-dollar severance package for a former manager even after he had been charged with sexual misconduct and the allegations were believed to be credible.

Thousands of Google employees stopped working last fall to protest the company’s handling of claims and payments for sexual misconduct. The New York Times Last year it was announced that Android developer Andy Rubin had received $ 90 million in compensation after several employees charged him with misconduct.

Another shareholder lawsuit filed earlier this year revealed that the board had approved a $ 35 million exit package for another former board member.

Recently, another leader – David Drummond, Alphabet’s Chief Legal Officer – was accused of having had inappropriate relationships with employees when former Google employee Jennifer Blakely published a report on her relationship with Drummond in August.

Drummond has a relationship with Blakely recognized, but in a carefully worded statement, apparently denied the participation in other Google employees.

Claims against Drummond are allegedly part of the chamber’s investigation.

Alphabet confirmed in a statement that the Board has formed a committee to examine claims.

“As confirmed in public court documents, Alphabet’s board of directors formed a special litigation committee in early 2019 to examine claims of shareholders in various litigation related to past workplace behaviors,” a spokesperson for Alphabet said in a statement.

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