Ghost Recon Breakpoint updates come together with a Community Survey this month

Ghost Recon Breakpoint updates come together with a Community Survey this month

Ubisoft will release two title updates for Ghost Recon Breakpoint in November, the first of which will be released next week.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint title updates are coming this month, the first of which appears on November 12 next week.

Title update 1.0.3 will address various issues such as drone implementation, firing rate, NVG & # 39; s blocking crosshairs, pop-ups with notification of mission completion, and more. Patch notes will be available closer to the bet.

There are also two new faction missions with update 1.0.3. A mission is called A Deadly Trap. A virus will hit the island here. Your mission will be to help prepare Homesteaders as they gather enough supplies to survive the attack.

Whistleblower is the second mission and a list of rebels from Sentinel has been leaked. These names are on a hit list and it is your job to help the rebels make their mark and escape.

Title update comes later in November and is intended to address bugs and add further improvements.

The development will also release one Community Survey on November 8. The team wants player input to help “shape the future of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.” So look forward to the survey if you happen to play the game.

During his call to investors and financial institutions in October, Ubisoft regretted that the game did not get the critical and consumer reception it had hoped for. The company promised the problems of the game frontal  and would introduce significant changes in production processes.

Last week, in an open letter to players, the development team stated that it was working on a radical review of the gameplay experience.


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