Gears Pop is Clash Royale with deck mechanics

A free-to-play mobile variant of Gears Featuring Funko Pop versions of the characters and enemies? I would not want my buddies in the art gallery to see me playing that!

And yet, I’m playing it, and it is fine. I’m not going to pretend that I’m going to continue playing it, though.

Gears Pop is just Clash Royale. You face off against the other participant in a real time struggle by placing tokens onto a play field. Those tokens spawn Funko variations of Gears personalities that then rush on your enemy.

The twist is that, needless to say, Gears Pop has cover mechanics. Certain Units take cover points along the way into the enemy, and as you catch the cover points, they supply defensive fans.

But pay doesn’t really alter what Gears Pop is relative to Clash Royale. And I have played enough of that game and the nearly identical Star Wars: Force Arena to know that I am done with the genre.

though. And the good news for these is Gears Pop has what you would want.

Matches are fast and intense. They feel strategic even Once You understand And upgrading characters by collecting numerous tokens is a very satisfying Skinner-box development.

And if none of the sounds appealing to you, dismiss it. It’s not Like you’ll miss out on some important Gears lore. And you don’t need

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