Fans Are Convinced the New Control DLC Is Teasing an Alan Wake Crossover

Remedy Entertainment recently unveiled their Control content roadmap for its upcoming weeks and even into next year. Using a new game mode, photo mode, and also two expansions planned, there’ll be plenty of action beforehand for players that are looking to squeeze more from the newly released title. That said, some enthusiasts have noticed something quite interesting about the next expansion that’ll be coming to Control.

In addition to this, the growth itself is named AWE, which stands for Modified World Events, the first thing Jesse will be looking into during the further content. Needless to say, fans are excited about the chance of this being connected to Alan Wake, and they have taken to Twitter to share that excitement.

Needless to say, with all the Alan Wake references found throughout Control in addition to the picture for the AWE growth, there is an excellent possibility that we’ll be seeing Alan Twist from the recently released game later on. Obviously, that expansion won’t be coming out before the middle of next year, so we have some time to learn more about what precisely is in route. As for what will be included in the upcoming content:

“This will be a challenging new end-game manner in which Jesse has to Help Security Chief Arish explore the mystical Formation and its odd environment,” the roadmap explained. “Here you will face the some the best challenges which the Oldest House will throw at you. You will want the best gear and skills to survive. Expeditions is free for all gamers.”

For even more about the newly published title, check out some of our prior coverage.

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