Emails of Lori Loughlin's husband's college scandal exposed

Emails have been found that may be at risk Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo GiannulliLawsuit in college admissions scandal.

In September 2016, prosecutors released a series of emails, allegedly sent between Mossimo, 56, and an official from the University of Southern California who agreed to review her oldest daughter, the Daily Mail reported Isabella Rose Giannullis Application. According to the records, Lori’s husband refused to help before emailing her and joked about how he had failed the USC administrator.

“The best thing was to kill someone,” he said.


As readers of are aware, Lori, 55 and Mossimo are two of over 50 people who have been charged with the largest college fraud persecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice. You were accused of bribing Mastermind William “Rick” singer recruiting them as members of the university team, even though they are in fact unable to row.

In the emails published, the prosecutors also stated that it was an exchange between Mossimo and Rick that promised to bring Bella [21] to school.

“In August 2016, Singer informed the Giannullis that he would create a helmsman profile for their daughter and found that [i] would probably not help to take a picture with her on an ERG [an indoor rowing machine] while training make clothes like a real athlete too, ”said the court documents.

“In fact, the Giannulli’s daughter did not row any crew and was not a helmsman,” the documents say. Mossimo replied to the email and wrote Lori with the message “Fantastic. Get everything. “

Mossimo then reportedly took action and emailed Rick a photo of Bella on a rowing machine.

Despite the published emails, Lori and Mossimo have pleaded not guilty and are charged with conspiracy for mail and wire fraud, honest fraud, money laundering, and federal program bribery.

As Radar previously reported, they accused the prosecutor of hiding evidence in the college admissions case. According to the published court documents, the stars claim to have evidence that they believed they had donated to school, as is often the case with families of prospective students.

On the contrary, Rick pleaded guilty and cooperated with the government while the investigation continued.

A trial date for the Giannullis has yet to be confirmed, but if things don’t go their way, according to Lori, radar has hired experts to help her and her husband prepare for the possible prison sentence.