Earn triple rewards in the S.A. Super Sport series this week in GTA Online

Earn triple rewards in the S.A. Super Sport series this week in GTA Online

GTA Online players earn triple bonuses this week in the S.A. Super Sport Series. A new vehicle is also available.

Rockstar presents the rewards for participation three times this week GTA Online Hotring Circuit, RC Bandito and Issi Classic races.

That is triple GTA $ & RP. If the S.A. Super Sport series does not interest you, the more traditional Race series wins double rewards.

You can also add a vehicle to your garage this week: the Lampadati Novak SUV. Pay a visit to Legendary Motorsport and hand over some money.

This week there are more bonuses with Casino Work missions. All pay double GTA $, RP and Casino Chips for your problems.

On our way to the casino this week to give the Lucky Wheel a spin? The main prize this week is the Vysser Neo sports car. Cross your fingers and turn that wheel. If you don’t win the car, you can still walk away with GTA $, RP, clothing and more. As usual, the casino shop offers new items to decorate your penthouse walls. Come and browse the new selection.

Discounts this week relate to different vehicles, upgrades, armor and garage properties. You may need the latter to add that sweet SUV to your collection.

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