Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn:

The manager of Detroit Lions, Bob Quinn, met the media members for his press conference at the end of the season, where he discussed a number of issues that the team faced during a longer-than-expected outdoor season.

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“If a season goes this way, there are of course many conversations about staff, players, I want to thank the Ford family for their questions throughout the season,” he said.

“Bottom line for our season, and I am going to say this word a lot, we have not ended.”

The Lions ended with a record of 3-12-1, and despite the fact that they were in the lead in several of their games, they couldn’t win most games in the end. However, Quinn said he would not apologize.

“I will never apologize. The fans deserve answers,” he said.

But immediately after, Quinn started calling injuries.

“We have 16 boys on IR,” he said. “That is a lot.”

With regard to Darius Slay, Quinn declined to comment on his contract situation.

“I won’t talk about someone’s contract status,” he said. “Never did, never did. That is the player representative between us. “

Not surprisingly, Quinn was asked about the evil trade of Quandre Diggs, a movement that he continues to defend.

The exchange at that time was “the best for the football team,” Quinn said.

Quinn was also asked if he had given orders to Matt Patricia to make changes to the coaching staff.

“Matt has full authority over his coaching staff, so I don’t have it,” he said.