Dead by Daylight Reveals Stranger Things Chapter’s Release Date

Stranger Things will arrive in Dead by Daylight, and game developers won’t make players wait much longer to receive the chapter. A recent announcement by developer Behavior Interactive confirmed that the next DLC release for Dead by Daylight will be released on September 17 when it launches for consoles and PCs. It will include a new killer, two more survivors and another map, each of which comes directly from Netflix Stranger Things.

The collaboration between the game and the Netflix series was first announced in August, when the preview indicated that the chapter would launch sometime in September. All Stranger Things content soon reached the game’s test servers, and after the test was apparently run smoothly, the game’s creators announced the release date of the chapter in the next tweet.

Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler are the two survivors that players can control if they choose the chapter. For those who prefer to interpret the antagonists and be a murderer who persecutes the survivors, they can play as Demogorgon. Like other characters that have been added to Dead by Daylight, all these characters come with their own unique benefits that can be equipped by other survivors and murderers at a given time.

The power of Demogorgon is to place portals around the trap through which the killer can travel to quickly hunt the survivors as seen in the Twitch clip below. Survivors may close these portals, but they run the risk of alerting Demogorgon of their presence in doing so. The Demogorgon also has the power to jump a short distance to attack the Survivors, but then he must enter a brief moment of immobility to balance the power.

Those who have seen Stranger Things will recognize the new map seen in the video above as much as they do with the new characters.

“The Stranger Things Chapter comes with a new map, the Underground Complex,” said the announcement about the new content. “Located below the Hawkins National Laboratory, this bleak compound was once the scene of terrible experiments. One of these experiments caused an interdimensional crack to open, releasing dozens of monstrous creatures before being sealed. “

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