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Damon “Lady” Dash has filed a lawsuit against the We TV network for alleging that his son Damon “Boogie” Dash was allowed to drink alcohol on the Growing Up Hip Hop show to improve ratings. The former Roc-A-Fella boss says that We TV verbally agreed not to give Boogie Dash alcohol, but the network has nevertheless blamed it on the younger Dash.

TMZ reports that the 48-year-old Dash submitted documents that We TV fed his 29-year-old son with alcohol to spice up the show. The store says the family suffered from emotional stress because the network gave boogie access to drinks. Dash also says We TV also owes him money for the work he did for Growing Up Hip Hop.


Dash has said on file that there is a court order to transfer We TV’s earned money to its creditors, but says We TV is keeping the money away from him for unknown reasons. In the newspapers, Dash wants everything that owes money to go to his company Poppington.

Dash has had a number of financial problems since late last year, including the fact that he was unable to pay $ 2,400 last November. He also owes support to hundreds of thousands of children. Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales, women looking for support for the back, want to reduce the debt of the $ 5 million deal between director Lee Daniels and Dash. Roy and Morales filed a lawsuit last year to get the child support owed.

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