Cuphead is coming to Netflix — and it’d better be dark as pitch

Cuphead, cartoonish indie platformer darling, has become its own Netflix show, according to its developers at Studio MDHR. The series, which will be made by Netflix Animation, will be known as The Cuphead Show! For a lover of the game, I can only expect the trademark dark edge makes it into the show — because anyone who’s played the game will understand it’s not for the most delicate of souls.

Not much is known about the display’s content thus far. The series will be made with the assistance of King Features Syndicatethe same company that owns the rights to Betty Boop, Felix the Cat, and several other principles of this age Cuphead lovingly imitates. It’s a perfect candidate, visually speaking: the match is intentionally patterned after the 1930s-era Fleischer cartoons, meaning it is designed to not seem more like a cartoon than your usual platformer at the first place.

I do sort of wonder how Cuphead’s darkness will translate Well to the display. The sport’s narrative is, not to put too fine a point on it majorly fucked up. Both ceramic young’uns, Cuphead and Mugman, create a deal with the devil to save their own skin after losing a rigged casino game — then they move to collect souls from different debters by beating the tar out of these in fights.

That is to saythe world of Inkwell Isle is not a cheerful one, Despite its vivid colour. The fact the game is frustratingly tough kind of builds on that”not for the kiddies” vibe — therefore it kind of worries me its otherwise-blank webpage on Netflix is listed under the”Kids TV” genre.

If nothing else, this appears to be a part of streaming services’ Concerted attempt to appeal to gamers, though where this impulse came From I am not precisely sure. Other than The Cuphead Show! , Netflix is creating its brand new Witcher collection, where it’s thus far released but a few promotional images. Scuttlebutt also has it that a Halo Collection Is in evolution. Seems like they’re carrying a very broad slice from Gaming in general to see what genres resonate with audiences. While the Selection of Cuphead for a matter is a bit of an unexpected one, I’ll appreciate it if Netflix makes a show together with the game’s trademark

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