Christie Brinkley shares throwback photo of 'Cosmo' bikini cover

Set rules! In a new post Christie Brinkley…37&Itemid=32 Shared on Instagram, she set out as a trendsetter in the fashion industry when she rocked a risky swimsuit on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1977.

“This swimsuit caused a sensation!” Said the supermodel next to a picture of herself in a purple bikini with a high waist. “At the time, all of the bikinis were wrapped deep around the hips. This high leg cut made the hip a new erogenous zone. I couldn’t figure out how to put it on because only one string holds everything together! “

“Francesco Scavullo made all the covers for #cosmopolitan at the time. He had a large umbrella with a string that went from the center of the umbrella to the tip of his nose. They were in perfect light at the end of this string. They didn’t have any retouching back then, so they really perfected the makeup and every strand of hair, ”she continued.


Although Christie did something brave by rocking this swimsuit, she admitted that she felt a little unsure about wearing so much skin.

“I remember worrying that I looked fat. I am so glad that our industry appreciates all shapes and sizes today, so we can only concentrate on being healthy. Not cookie cutters, ”she said in the heading. “Still, some young girls feel like they can’t keep up. I was one of them. I look back and think that worry was such a waste of time. If only the perspective that we gain with age that relieves the worry, could be passed on and absorbed by the younger generation, but I think it’s a big step in the right direction to shift the focus to wellbeing. ”


With so much life experience, Christie tries to prepare her three children – Alexa Ray Joel34 Jack Brinkley Cook, 24 and Seaman Brinkley Koch, 21 – for anything that could get there. In an earlier interview with Closer Weekly, Sailor remembered what her mother had said about her confidence.

“Most of the time she just told me to smile – that’s like her # 1 advice, mostly for reasons of trust -” smile and you’ll feel it, “she said.” I honestly think so too. “