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Call of Duty: Warzone’s Participant count will be Raised to 200 players at the future

Speaking in a meeting with USA Today, Infinity Ward studio mind, Patrick Kelly reported that his group is currently testing a 200 player edition of the game. “We attracted many spins to combat royale. I do think the entire world you play is going to be unique. For starters, we’re initially likely to roll out with 150 players, even once you usually see 60 to 100. I will tell you we’re already playing 200 players. We will launch a little bit afterward.”

Regrettably, Kelly has not given any details for when the participant’s growth will take place.

It includes two game modes such as a 150 individual Battle Royale plus a style named Plunder that’s about amassing the maximum money. The map is tremendous and features within 300 points of interest, with every building being made separately. It will, nevertheless, take around 80-100GB in your hard disk.

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