Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Seemingly Confirms Return of Very Controversial Feature

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare isn’t set to strike PS4, Xbox One, also PC until next month, but PlayStation 4 players are already getting their hands on the game via the new beta, which is presently live. And within this beta, a glitch was found, and this glitch apparently affirms a controversial feature will be in the match at or around launching in October: Supply Drops. That is correct, it looks like Supply Drops will be returning to your newest Call of Duty. Word of the glitch comes manner of YouTuber NerosCinema, who posted a picture on their Twitter that reveals the After Action Report display in the match, which shows what they unlocked for leveling up. And here there’s mention of a Supply Fall and lootboxes.

Drops one way or another, but has stated it’s going to discuss the game’s monetization when it is ready. And given how renowned Supply Drops is, I’m convinced it is not in a rush to have that discussion, particularly considering how well the game’s been doing in pre-release buzz wise.

For those that don’t understand: Supply Drops are just Call of Duty’s method of referring to loot boxes. The characteristic — in some form or shape — has appeared in each Call of Duty because Advanced Warfare, so that I suppose it is not very surprising to hear that is back.

Nevertheless, given that Infinity Ward haven’t confirmed Supply Drops, Means we actually do not understand how they’re implemented. In other words, it might be better than previous installments. It also may be worse. Obviously, it is possible Supply Drops and also the heavy monetization are being postponed until testimonials and launching week is over. To put it differently, it might be awhile before we hear more details from Infinity Ward.

At the moment of publishing, there’s been no word of any additional features.

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