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Call of Duty Mobile Meltdown map May bring Black Ops II vibes

Call of Duty Mobile will shortly be incorporating a new map. Teasing the map through its own community update, it encouraged fans to mention that map and it was properly identified as Meltdown.

Meltdown is not a first map such as the recently-added Cage, but rather was a map on Black Ops II. A the name imply, it is based around a nuclear power plant. It should provide a selection of indoor and outdoor opportunities for diverse gameplay.

The first 2012 map was fantastic for moderate to heavy firearms and we envision that will pass into the cell game also.

One reason we believe this will remain true to the Dark Ops variation is that Call of Duty Mobile can also be referring to adding a brand new weapon, the KN-44. That’s a heavy attack weapon using a slow rate of fire but significant damage.

You will have the ability to buy the new weapon with credits, or get it throughout the Heavy Shot occasion and you may see how all of the stars are aligning to create for a future hefty weapon gameplay.

The KN-44 is verified to be emerging at Call of Duty Mobile”next week” – so that may be any time from 9 March onwards – and there is no word about when the new map will seem, it is very likely to be in the end of March or beginning of April.

Call of Duty Mobile now provides a variety of maps which prefer various kinds of weapons . Maps such as Nuketown are fantastic for SMGs since it is little, whereas something like Crossfire could be a good deal more attractive to snipers.

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