Borderlands 3 Director Wants An Anime Adaptation

Borderlands 3 is set to Launch later this week on PS4, Xbox One, Also PC. And I am excited. It seems like more Borderlands, But bigger and better. And that is ok by me. Not every game has to reinvent the wheel rather than every series needs a bit of reinvention. Besides, it’s been awhile since the last appropriate Borderlands game. That said, I would like to observe that the madcap post-apocalyptic series branch out, and it seems Gearbox and the developers on the series want that also.

Borderlands 3 creative director Paul Sage recently shared in an interview with VG247 That he’d love to see the zany video game set originated from a gambling series into a massive franchise that extends across all elements of entertainment and outside. Along with the show may be on its way to doing that with a live-action movie in the works. However, you understand what sounds more amazing than a Borderlands film adaptation? An anime adaptation, which Sage would love to see.

“You know, somebody brought up Love, Death & Robots to “And I was like, ‘oh hell yeah! That’d be a lot of fun.’ I would love to see things like this, frankly. And hopefully, they love all the source material and they wish to do that.”

Continuing with a jocular tone, Sage notes there is something else he’d love to seea Borderlands amusement park. And, again, I still must hard concur with this.

I will have a Borderlands Theme park!” Said Sage. “I am trying to consider what would be the most obvious ride which you would have… would it be Claptrap’s Cave? You know, once I was a child, I used to visit Six Flags all of the time, and moving into the cave wasn’t always so fun. And also the log ride. So yeah, I would totally dig something like that.”

Will any of this happen? No. Almost certainly not. That said, of both, the former is likely the more likely.

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