Anderson East, Foy Vance Cancel 12 Rounds Tour

Anderson East and Foy Vance’s 2020 12 Rounds Tour has been canceled. The couple announced the news Thursday (January 16) via Instagram.

“This has nothing to do with Anderson or his camp. This is 100 percent for me, to my regret,” Vance writes in a statement. “Please know that I would never cancel a show without very good reason, but right now I have to put the health of my family and myself above everything else.”

Vance’s statement does not delve deeper into the family issue that caused the cancellation of the 12 Rounds Tour, although at the end of the statement he does mention “myself and my ever-growing family.” “We thank you for your understanding and I hope to see you,” concludes Vance.


Oost adds in a statement of his own: “I love and respect my brother Foy and fully support him on his journey.”

The 12 Rounds Tour of East and Vance would start at the end of February and the two “shar (ing) find the stage, trade songs (ping), cover each other’s songs (ing) and probably throw a friendly insult (two),” explained a press release. The two met for the first time more than ten years ago, backstage at the Edmonton Folk Festival.

In 2019 East released a live album, Alive in Tennessee, recorded in the Ryman Auditorium; his most recent studio album, Encore, arrived in 2018. Meanwhile, Vance released two new albums in 2019, From Muscle Shoals and To Memphis. The records were recorded at Muscle Shoals, Ala’s FAME Studios and Memphis, Tenn. Sun Studios, respectively. Vance is also planning a new studio album for 2020.

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