All the video games I’ve fallen in love with – Reader’s Feature

A reader catalogues the exact moment he has fallen in love with his favorite video games, from Super Mario Kart to Overwatch.

I am 36 years old now and don’t have as much time to play games like I once did. Life just gets in the way sometimes. In fact, I find myself spending more time thinking back on the pleasure certain games have attracted me over the duration of my gaming life (obviously life isn’t worth talking about) than I do having the ability to discover new games.

It is like a hot blanket pulled over me on a cold winter day. So for a Reader’s Feature I presumed it’d be nice to share the special moments once I realised that I didn’t exactly enjoy a match, I loved it. Something I know everybody will have the ability to relate to.

Thus, in no specific order I give you the games I have loved the most and also the special moments that made them …

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Most people Will Most Likely expect me to state the moment we first get Out on Hyrule Field and let Epona stretch her thighs. But for me the moment I realised that I loved this game came much before when I was larking about Kokiri Forest with Navi. I adored their relationship from the start — her treating Link such as an annoying little brother and him only accepting it. It seemed real (in case you have a older sister it will anyhow ). I know folks say Connect and personality do not go hand in hand but for me he had an abundance of it in Ocarina. I’ve never actually felt that in any of the proceeding Zelda games I’m sorry to say.

2. Super Mario Kart

My love affair with Nintendo burns less brightly than it did, Possibly, but I think back with attachment to all the games they’ve created that brought me pleasure. None more so that Mario Kart on the SNES. The minute I realised that this game was unique was when me and my three mates could rush home from college and get our homework done ASAP so that they could call round for an hour multiplayer glory. I really don’t know how many hours we spent shooting red and green shells at each other out of weird Nintendo phones but every second spent was worthwhile. It’s like they say in the end of Stand By Me: you never have friends again like the ones that you have when you’re young.

3. GoldenEye 007

This match came with my N64 so I kind of presumed it had been likely Filler over anything. From the moment Bondy (as I call him) bungee jumps down to off a bunch of wicked henchmen I was transfixed. Rare at their absolute majestic best!

4. Overwatch

I have never actually been a shooter game type person. They looked To be games which attract horrible adolescent boys who’d go out of the way to ruin people’s enjoyment. Not what games are all about. I approached Overwatch using a little glumness following my son had picked it out. What I have found is a game filled with characters that are formulaic, dripping in character (that phrase again) and really simple to pick up and master.

My son and I’ve basically had a couple of games a day, Daily, For the past three years. It’s harder to pinpoint the minute I realised I adored it other than to say its special to me as my son and I grew to appreciate it together. Possibly the only time that’s happened for us. It’s brought us a huge number of special little moments together that I will (and hopefully him ) will always treasure. And it is most likely the only real game of ours which I’m better than him at, which helps!

5. The Last Of Us

I genuinely believe this game is a work of art. I could spend hours in the Worlds Naughty Dog creates, just wondering about taking a look at everything. For me personally the moment this game actually hooked me was one of its quieter moments. I felt that the connection between both had grown to become a genuine loving bond. Two broken people mending themselves through their love of each other. I hope that the new one includes a second half as pretty — if it does it will be fine enough for me.

So there you go; the minutes that have been unique to me in gaming. An artform that has just had a positive impact on me as an individual. Hope You enjoyed it.

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