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Need for Speed Heat 2 (1)

Although EA has not done much fanfare yet, Need for Speed ​​Heat will be released this Friday on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

However, if you subscribe to EA Origin Premier on your PC, you can now play the full game. And those with EA Access on the console or EA Origin Basic on their PC can get stuck in a 10-hour trial, though you’re likely to reach the reputation-level 10 reputation limit before they’re over 10 hours.

We spent a few hours with … Need for Speed ​​Heat on Xbox One X thanks to EA Access and we have to say that we’re pretty impressed with it. For sure, Forza Horizon 4 is the king of open-world arcade racers on Xbox One and Need for Speed ​​Heat it will not change that. But as usual with Need for Speed ​​games, it may be the best since the original Most Wanted,

It has a pretty silly plot, as usual, but it does not get in your face too much. During the day, you can drive through Palm City on your fancy tour and complete legal street races called “Bank”, where you can make a lot of money. There are also speed traps you can race through, decals, jumps to … um, jumps and more. It’s all pretty relaxed. But you will not get very far Need for Speed ​​Heat if you are only active during the day.

In order to be able to buy new cars and advanced upgrades Need for Speed ​​Heat Earlier You need to earn Rep, and that’s primarily earned by searching the streets of Palm City at night. If you participate in illegal street races, you will earn a good deal, but if you want to maximize your antics for reconstruction, you want to get involved in the police persecution. However, there is a risk-against-reward element, just like in Need for speed rivals, Escape the police and return to a safe house and your co-worker will walk through the roof. If you get caught, you will not only get a fine but also most of the rep that you collected that night. We should probably mention that the bulls seem rather unscrupulous at this point.

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Apart from the interesting structure of day and night Need for Speed ​​HeatWhat sets it apart from other current Need for Speed ​​offerings is the adaptation and handling of the car. Almost every one of its more than 120 cars can be optically altered in some way, with some having a plethora of options at their disposal. You can also create your own decals to really make your car your own. By increasing your rep level and using your bank wisely, you can make almost any car fly.

As usual, you can either try to keep your cars on the road for clean races, or you can let yourself drift for dirty fun in one fell swoop. Need for Speed ​​Heat Also adopts a Ridge Racer-type drift system where you can easily pull out the rear end by releasing the accelerator pedal in turns and slamming it again. If you move the steering carefully, you can make impressive drifts without breaking a sweat.

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We do not know why EA does not make more noise Need for Speed ​​Heat, Really. It seems like it can be sneaked out without much fanfare, which is a pity, because it really seems like a return to form for the series. In a postForza Horizon World, the Need for Speed ​​series is not as convincing as it used to be, but there is still room for it. Not everyone can play Forza Horizon 4and some have played so much that they are looking for something new. And no other game chases the police as fast as Need for Speed.

If you are a fan of the Need for Speed ​​series, be sure to check this Need for Speed ​​Heat when it starts this Friday. Hopefully we will have a review, but we’ll see. If you want to give it a try, it’s definitely worth spending a few pounds or dollars on EA Access / EA Origin Basic for a month. You can play for ten hours Need for Speed ​​Heatand also get access to full versions of many other games.

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