Australian charging station agreement between AMP and Evie

The huge battle to create the technology required for all-electric vehicles to be economical and prepared for mass adoption was won by the first EV manufacturers. But no piece of technology, particularly in the field of mobility, exists in isolation. EVs need their sophisticated charging infrastructure, much like gas automobiles need their network of transporters, pipelines, and gas stations to function. Construction of this new infrastructure has emerged as the EV market’s next major obstacle, from financing to energy generation and fast charges. But for 16 shopping centers in Australia, things might be different.

A partnership between AMP Capital and the electric vehicle (EV) business Evie Networks will see the installation of charging stations for EVs at 16 retail centers around the nation, including the Macquarie Centre in Sydney.

The rollout, which is scheduled to be finished by July, comes as Australia’s transition to EVs picks up speed and shopping malls work to become more environmentally friendly. Cars will be able to be charged using only renewable energy at the two fast-charging stations that will be located in each retail center.

According to Marco Ettorre, head of retail and investment at AMP Capital, the partnership aided in AMP Capital’s pursuit of sustainability goals while providing benefits to clients and investors.

“AMP Capital is partnering with industry experts in the EV space to future-proof our assets and ensure that our clients get the best experience while keeping up with public expectations for charging solutions,”

The quick, universal charging stations offered by Evie Networks, according to CEO Chris Mills, can extend a vehicle’s range by up to 150 kilometers in just 30 minutes and are powered entirely by renewable energy. According to him, conventional charging stations may add a comparable range in up to four hours.

According to Mills, “the stations cost 40 cents for every kWh per usage and by enabling fast-charging a smooth part of consumers’ shopping experiences will assist achieve our aim to accelerate the uptake of EVs in Australia.

The Evie network will be present in AMP Capital facilities in NSW, QLD, and WA, including Macquarie Centre in the north of Sydney, Dapto, Randwick, Marrickville Metro, and Stud Park. Melbourne’s Malvern Central is currently operational.

According to Ettorre, visitors to the centers who are short on time will benefit from the pay-per-use charge alternative of 40 cents per kWh. Customers have diverse demands, so whether they need to fast charge their vehicle or just pick up a few items, this is a terrific choice, he added.

For guests who have several hours to browse and charge, extended form charging is also crucial to the customer experience.

In 2021, Australians increased their investment in LEV (low emission vehicles), including electric vehicles, according to the most recent data from the Electric Vehicle Council, according to Vanessa Rader, head of research at Ray White.

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