Gap Between ANC And ERC, Hoax Of Podemos With The Nobel And Shopping Basket

Open gap between the ANC and Esquerra
The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) had two objectives to fulfill in commemorating the 1-O referendum. The first, to recover his power of convocation, badly damaged after the fiasco of the Diada. The second, getting ERC to be present at the events to rebuild a relationship that has been damaged for months. It could not be.

The organism led by Elisenda Paluzie failed again with a pyrrhic assistance of independentistas in the mobilizations. And he also failed to get the main ERC leaders to attend, settling for second-rate representation. “Junts per Catalunya did respond, but Esquerra once again put us aside,” they complain from the ANC, evidencing the “gap” that has opened in the Catalan independence movement.

From what is said, this division especially bothers Paluzie’s team, which contemplates how their efforts to recover the relationship with the training led by Pere Aragonès are in vain. “We maintain the same discourse. It is ERC who has changed,” they add in the ANC.

The hoax of Podemos about the Nobel Prize in Economics
The award of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics to David Card has served as an excuse for Podemos to defend his theory that increases in the Minimum Wage (SMI) do not harm job creation. The purple formation argues that in an academic article Card anticipated his thesis on the SMI.

Social networks have not been slow to destroy the triumphalism of Podemos. “Card’s work is from 1994 and is focused on the effect that the increase in the SMI had in the State of New Jersey and in the fast food sector,” according to several economists. “An article from the 90s that examines the effects in a specific economic area and that does not cover the whole of the country cannot be transferred to the present moment,” these experts say. Despite the criticism,

The shopping cart begins to normalize
Little by little, the consumer recovers habits prior to the pandemic. Thus, large surfaces lose ground to supermarkets. “In 2020, the client went to the hypermarkets to make the purchase at once and to reduce to the maximum the exits from home. Now he is returning to the supermarkets and makes small purchases,” they say in the distributor sector, where they also reveal that purchases in feeding decline after the 2020 record.

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